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The Vermont Assistive Technology Reuse Project manages the Assistive Technology Exchange in New England (, the Vermont AT School Exchange ( and the Medicaid Equipment Reuse Project (retrieval services temporarily on hold). See Below.  These forums provide an avenue to affordable equipment, which increases independence and often enables individuals to stay in their homes or be successful in schools and community.



Get AT Stuff       getATstuff_Logo

The Assistive Technology Exchange in New England is now online!

Get AT Stuff -  is an online "classifieds" where you can donate or locate new and used Assistive Technology (AT), durable medical equipment and vans.

  • Do you need assistive technology?

  • Do you have an assistive technology device you don't need?

For those who do not use the internet, you can access this service using our Nation Wide Toll Free number 1-888-827-2714.  Vermonters, New Englanders and others can post equipment they no longer need as "Items Available."  You can also search the site to locate items or post "Items Needed." Links Below.

Available items are often free or low cost.  Examples of equipment that you might find are:

  • electric beds,
  • alternating air pressure mattresses,
  • communication devices,

  • Hoyer lifts,
  • stair glides,
  • adaptive vans, and
  • numerous other daily living aids.

For current listings visit, or call 1-888-827-2714 or email if you need assistance.

Vermont Assistive Technology School EXCHANGE       ATschoolswap_Logo

Schools often have available Assistive Technology (AT) which was purchased for students who have graduated or moved out of district. The Vermont AT School Exchange is an online exchange, which provides a forum for schools to share equipment, locate needed devices and collaborate professionally.

The AT Reuse Coordinator facilitates exchanges utilizing additional community and national resources, as well as and Some of the Assistive Technology or Durable Medical Devices that may be exchanged include:

  • adaptive computer equipment,

  • software,
  • communication devices,
  • wheelchairs,
  • standers,
  • gait trainers, and more.

Join the 50 Supervisory Unions/Districts as of September 2013, who are already participating in this "members only" exchange for VT School systems. If you and your school are interested in participating in the Assistive Technology School EXCHANGE (AT School Swap), please visit, and click on the "Request an Account" tab to send your contact information to the AT Reuse Coordinator.

If you need additional assistance, please contact Sharon Alderman at our Toll Free number 1-888-827-2714 or by email at


Medicaid Equipment Reuse Project - Retrieval Services are Temporarily on Hold - If you have an item to return, please call the Clinical Reviewer for Vermont Medicaid at 1-800-250-8427. 

The Medicaid Equipment Reuse Project furthers the objectives of the Vermont Assistive Technology Reuse Project.  Upon the receipt of certain new items purchased by VT Medicaid, beneficiaries or guardians sign an agreement with their durable medical equipment vendor to return items, when no longer needed. The VT AT Reuse Project arranges for items to be donated to non-profits committed to the reuse/recycling of the equipment, and facilitates the transport of the equipment as needed.  ITEMS AVAILABLE MAY OR MAY NOT ALWAYS BE LISTED ON THE web-site, so always CALL the AT Reuse Coordinator at 888-827-2714 if you need an item below.
Items in the following eight categories of high-end medical equipment are to be collected:

  • Augmentative and Adaptive Communication (AAC) devices
  • Manual WheelchairsLady with motorized scooter
  • Power Wheelchairs
  • Power Operated Vehicles (i.e. scooters)
  • Standers
  • Electric Beds
  • Shower Commode Chairs
  • Lifts

Due to generous returns from Medicaid beneficiaries or guardians who no longer need equipment, a better quality of life may be realized by new recipients. Some may not have otherwise had the opportunity to use such technology. 

If you have an item to return, please call the Clinical Reviewer for Vermont Medicaid at 1-800-250-8427.  If this number is incorrect with the New Health Connect changes call AT Reuse at 888-827-2714.