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Autism Resources


The Autism Puzzle Foundation

The Autism Puzzle Foundation consists of a group of Vermonters who founded this all-volunteer organization in 2006. Each of our lives have been profoundly affected by someone with autism, leading us to join together to educate others and provide tangible support to children and young adults in Vermont who are on the autism spectrum. The Autism Puzzle Foundation is composed of board members who oversee the details of the organization. One of the main roles we play is that of organizing and carrying out the annual fundraiser. The money from this fundraiser is portioned out to Autism Research and the rest of the funds are granted to Vermont children on the Autism spectrum so that they may acquire services and equipment.

Do you have a child with autism who needs toys or devices? The foundation may be able to help you purchase equipment your child needs including but not limited to the following items:

Therapy swings & exercise balls

  • Facilitated Communication (FC) Equipment
  • Other Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices & Boards

Or toys that help with:

  • Sensory Integration
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Tactile skills
  • Cognition skills

 For more information or to download an application, visit:

Vermont Resources:


Adaptive Riding and Animal Therapy Programs:


 Articles on Autism:

  • Keep children with autism safe from bullies
    Article from the New England Autism Examiner by Brian Field, Co-Founder of the Autism Support network. This article is about the bullying that often happens to students with autism. It contains some good ideas for parents and teachers to use when this happens.

      Autism and bullying at school Children with autism may be easier targets for school bullying, and such abuse can cause enduring emotional scars, writes Brian Field, Autism Support Network's co-founder. Parents and educators must work to prevent such scarring by teaching students how to respond to bullying situations, documenting any bullying and responding appropriately, he writes.


Additional Resources:

  • Autism Cares
    Disaster relief funding for families of children with autism.


Vendor Resources:

  •; Supporting Special Needs
    This site provides tools and solutions based on scientific research and clinical experience to help those with special learning and treatment needs.
  • Southpaw Enterprises
    A community of people and products dedicated to children with special challenges and those who care for them. We offer sensory integration and developmental products, pediatric therapy equipment, resources, and support for therapeutic professionals, health care professionals, schools, and families.
  • FlagHouse
    FlagHouse is a global supplier of physical education equipment and products, equipment and programs to both physical education and recreation professionals, as well as professionals who deal with children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities.
  • Different Roads to Learning
    Different Roads to Learning strives to meet the needs of families and professionals working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders with a product line that contains over 250 products, including books, flashcards, and videos, along with other materials critical to Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior programs.
  • Abilitations
    Improving the lives of children with differing abilities. This business brings ideas into reality that can truly make a difference for children with special needs. Many of the products come from therapists, parents, and teachers working with children with special needs.
  • Hammock Company
    Autism & Therapy: Hammocks & hanging chairs to therapists and patients. The swinging motion and spinning motion stimulates cerebral activity and thus benefits autistic persons. The swinging & spinning can benefit any person since it can increase one's ability to focus and concentrate through cerebral stimulation.
  • Beyond Play

Products for Early Childhood and Special Needs

  • National Autism Resources:

    National Autism Resources Inc. is a global leader in providing cost effective, research based therapeutic tools that meet the needs of people on the autism spectrum across their lifespan since 2008. Our tools and adaptive technologies work together to improve skills and significantly decrease impairment. We provide school districts, insurance companies and family members of the autism community with proven tools that improve the independence and quality of life for people on the autism spectrum. We have been certified and licensed by the State of California as a Durable Medical Equipment provider.